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I’m excited to be the Liberal Party of Canada’s candidate for North Vancouver in the next Federal election.  I believe that Justin Trudeau and our Liberal Party of Canada Team present a positive vision and the thoughtful leadership that Canada needs.


BC Day Picnic 2014

The Liberal Party of Canada believes strongly in the importance of citizen engagement, economic prosperity, equality of opportunity and environmental sustainability. So do I.

We need to work to unite, not divide, Canadians. It is time to strengthen the common bond of our citizenship and deepen the pride we feel for Canada, both at home and on the world stage. We need to develop and insist upon engagement processes we can trust. We need decision-making by governments that considers our children and our grand-children as well as the present.

It is time for change. I’m excited to be part of the movement for change and I will work hard on behalf of all North Vancouverites to make this change happen. But, I need your help.

The next election will be one of great significance for Canada. North Vancouver will be a key riding in determining the election’s outcome.

BeFunky_08-04-2014 BC Day BBQ-28.jpg

Jonathan & Justin

I offer you a warm invitaton to join our team and have your voice heard.  Help us run a well organized and a well funded campaign that will enable us to win North Vancouver. Let’s make change happen together.

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